Creating business
from data

Our service: Data-driven business optimization

At Cantab Analytica we help companies create value by harnessing knowledge embedded in proprietary and publicly available data.

Our approach combines deep practical understanding of both the business processes and the most advanced machine learning technologies.

Case studies


We supported a market-leading international technology company operating globally to expand in a region.

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We developed an automated, dynamical pricing and capacity management system for a hospitality company.

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We understand
business operations

Data analysis driven by operational excellence

With over 20 years of team experience in driving operational excellence projects for leading international corporations, as well as by working for top consultancies such as McKinsey & Company, we know what makes business processes effective and efficient.

best practice examples

Competitive advantage of a business increasingly depends on applying the right machine learning techniques to data. Best practice examples include managing supply chain, procurement, pricing and revenue management, budgeting, and many more.

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We understand
machine learning

We use leading edge machine learning technologies

Our experts with PhDs in Applied Mathematics and Data Science from leading international universities such as Cambridge, UK, have 15+ years of experience of implementing leading-edge analytical techniques to business problems.

Our bespoke product portofolio


Predicting probability of success of a decision.

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data dashboard

Visualisation of data from business perspective.

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Optimal scheduler

Optimizing use of a scarce resource.

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Customer segmentation with business insight.

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We understand value

Our focus is on creating business value

Our approach starts with profound understanding of value drivers of the business. Only once it is done, we look for ways to unlock the value by unleashing hidden predictive power of proprietary and publicly available data.

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We make it happen

We commit to delivering sustainable, measurable results.
To achieve it, we frequently combine developing predictive data-driven models with process redesign, driving implementation of new IT tools, and ensuring ownership and knowledge transfer to the client team.

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